Girish Kulkarni and Mandar Deshpande co-founded K12Skills in 2017. The primary objective of our company is to unleash your child’s potential through personal care, customized learning, and innovative teaching methods. 


Girish Kulkarni is educated as an engineer. He has a MS in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and MBA from Michigan State. Girish works for a multinational company. He has 10+ years experience in teaching K-12 children. He is passionate about inspiring children to be curious and develop the drive to understand the world through Math and Science. 

Mandar Deshpande is an Electronics Engineer with MS from Virginia Tech. He works for a Technology Company. Mandar is passionate about making a difference in community, one child at a time! He loves to teach Math and works arduously to ensure that the concepts become part of the child’s being!